Nuova Arte & other missions

Besides being a freelance composer, Marsel wants to make a difference in the Swedish music life for the classical and the contemporary scene. Since 2016 hi is the chairman and producer of the contemporary music association Media Artes and since 2019 the founder and artistic director of the contemporary cultural association Nuova Arte. Thru these missions he wants to make it easier to spread the contemprary music locally, nationally and internationally. From 2022 he will be inviting music ensembles to an artist in residence programme thru Nuova Arte for a close collaboration with him.

Interactive Projects

With different type av themes in every single project, Marsel aims to work with artists from many art fields and combine them with the special knowledge from peaople in other professions such as philosophy and technical fields to create an interesting and broad awarness of each theme to the audience. He wants to get people to think and reflect on both general things and ideas and concepts that you don´t think about every day.

Creative School Projects

This is an ongoing project which aims to bring the professionals in the music business to the school children of different ages. This project includes seminars, workshops and creative creation targeted to children in different ages. Musicians in the project takes the opportunity to meet children to play, write and work with and finally present their work in public.