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Project - Conversation

This project is all about writing for solo instruments with tape or somtime a duo, with a focus on the conversation theme. Writing for a solo instrument or small ensembles with tape music is both rewarding and can be quite challenging. I find this project interesting in many ways and it has been proven to be a great way to find new ways in the contemporary scene to present music that gets the musician closer to the audience. So far I have written 5 pieces since 2017 and more will come in the future. These instruments have been used so far in this project: Trombone, Violin, Viola and French Horn.

Dance Projects

This involves many kind of projects which is all about mankinds oldest way to express themselves by using dance, their voice to tell a story or singing and different types of percussion instruments. The theme can vary for each type of project but the focus here is always to create an performance/show that celibrates our type of comunication and storytelling by dance, voice/singing and rythm.

Creative School Projects

This is an ongoing project which aims to bring the professionals in the music business to the school children of different ages. This project is many times a part of my other music projects which can include seminars, workshops and creative labs targeted to children. Musicians in the project takes the opportunity to meet children to play, write and work with and finally present their work in public.

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