Nordic Multi-Art Collective

NOMAC is a new nordic collective representing contemporary music in a multi-art projects with a large musical expression in a small format. The core of the collective consists of Linnéa Sundfær Casserly, Keri Kallio and Marsel Nichan.

This collaboration began when Linnéa, Keri and Marsel met in 2022 in Gdansk in Poland when they were invited to various projects. They quickly found each other musically and started talking about what would become this collective. In the meantime, they have had many meetings and further developed the concept of their collaboration. They strongly believe in and want to give the audience a great experience packaged in a smaller format. It is not because it is efficient or in any way easier that they want to do so, but on the contrary, they believe that contemporary expressions and issues often need to be expressed with an artistic freedom without any major influence from the idioms that are otherwise found in a traditional or classical musical format.

One of the main goals for this collective is that we want to highlight current issues and themes through various projects and create a nordic forum to present interesting projects and experience to the audience.

Linnéa Sundfær Casserly - singer, recorder player.

photo: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

Keri Kallio - singer, cellist. 

photo: Sonja Siikanen

Marsel Nichan - composer, electronic musician, artistic director.

photo: Jeanette Svensson